Our Team


Hamaira Ashraf Haroon

My name is Hamaira Ashraf Haroon and I have worked for Bury People First since 2012. I support the trustees and members run Bury People First and help make important decisions. I co-work with self-advocates to deliver projects and to ensure we deliver what our members have asked us to do. I love my job.

Kim Doolan

My name is Kim Doolan and I have worked for Bury People First for 5 years. I support members and trustees of Bury People First to advocate on lots of different issues. I have 2 children, a cat called Tinkerbell and I enjoy cooking.


Gwyn Jones

Co Chair

My name is Gwyn Price Jones and I am originally from Wales. I can speak from Welsh and love to go back for a holiday. I am a member and trustee at Bury People First and I love it. At Bury People First they listen to me and always value me. I help make decisions about what happens at Bury People First.

Karen Macdonald

Co Chair

My name is Karen Macdonald. I have been a trustee at Bury People First for many years. I have gained a lot of confidence since being a part of Bury People First. I deliver a lot of workshops and Hate Crime sessions in high schools.

Rebecca Lunness


My name is Rebecca Lunness and I have been involved with Bury People First around 6 years. I have gained more confidence and I feel my voice is heard at Bury People FIrst. Bury People First makes things happen and better for people with learning disabilities living in Bury.

Alex Duthie

Publications Editor

My name is Alex Duthie and I am a trustee and member at Bury People First. I have been apart of Bury People First from the start. Bury People First has helped me become an independent traveller and helped me with my computer skills. I do a lot of the admin work at Bury People First.

Mandy Rigby


My name is Mandy Rigby and I helped set up Bury People First. I have been a member and trustee since 2000. Bury People First helped me to become an independent traveller. I now travel on my own everywhere.

Jon Brocklehurst

Trustee Support

My name is Jon Brocklehurst I have been a member of Bury People First for about eighteen years. I enjoy being a trustee and meeting friends and new people.